Obnova Brno, a.s., joint-stock company, has dealt in tire re-treading since 1960.
Obnova is currently the largest Czech company dealing in tire re-treading. Its subsidiary Obnova Výrobní závody, s.r.o. [Obnova, manufacturing plants, limited liability company] manufactures and sells hot re-treaded tires for cars, vans, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery.

Obnova Výrobní závody, s.r.o. currently operates two re-treading plants, one in Kanice near Brno manufacturing hot and cold re-treaded tires for trucks, and the other in Pardubice specialising in manufacture of re-treaded tires for passenger cars. Future plans involve rationalisation of manufacture and logistics resulting in car tire manufacture transfer to Kanice.
As tire re-treading undergoes continuous progress, most re-treaded tires are recapped from bead to bead with up-to-date designs by foreign manufacturers resulting in increased speed limit indexes (up to 190km/h).

Increased quality of recapping also results from cooperation with the Mitas company, supplier of the re-treading mixtures.

In addition to hot re-treading our company also applies the Bandag cold re-treading technology for manufacture of recapped tires for vans, buses and trucks.

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